When it comes to wealth and estate planning, faultless transfer of information between professional advisors is imperative. At Three60 Wealth & Estate Solutions, we act as a conduit for information between you, your professional advisors, and our network of specialists.  This Integrated Approach enables us to ensure that all planning recommendations work in harmony with one another, so that you will receive the best plan possible.

This is a far superior to the Traditional Approach model where clients work in isolation with each of their independent professional advisors and do not have one central hub through which they coordinate all the independent advice. Planning for business families can be complicated, and advice received in isolation may have unintended consequences on the family’s overall plan.


The result of our Integrated Approach is a team of professionals – each a specialist within their own field – working towards the common goal of creating the optimal plan for your present situation, potential future occurrences, and ultimately your long-term financial goals. You will have peace of mind knowing that all reasonable variables within your plan have been considered, and all gaps and inefficiencies have been minimized.

Compare this to the Standard Traditional Approach below and the limitations that it has:


Having the right approach to your planning will  make all the difference.  Please reach out to us if you are interested  in learning how our approach can better your planning.