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A circle diagram with retirement planning in the middle. Arrows pointing out in all directions with all the things to consider when planning for retirement.

Blog FAQ – Retirement Planning

December 01, 2023

As retirement planning professionals we deal with clients at various planning stages. We have found that those individuals preparing for retirement often have similar questions to the ones outlined below. We have not provided answers to these questions as the answers will vary depending on each unique situation. If you have questions similar to the ones below, it may be time to connect with us to discuss retirement planning for you.

Common Retirement Planning Questions:

  • How much do I need from the sale of my business to reach my retirement goals?
  • What is the right strategy for me to exit my business so I can retire?
  • What is the best way to get money out of my holding company when I retire?
  • How do my preferred shares fit in my retirement plan?
  • How can I maximize contributions to my retirement plan as a business owner?
  • How can I use my business to fund my retirement?
  • Is a holding company right for me and my business?
  • Should I be saving money in my business for retirement?
  • Can I afford to help my kids out financially once I retire?
  • How do I create a retirement budget?
  • How do I recreate my paycheck from my various investment accounts once I retire?
  • How can I minimize OAS clawback?
  • How can I be more tax-efficient when I retire?
  • Do I have enough to retire?
  • What healthcare considerations should I plan for in retirement?
  • What is a reasonable rate of return to reach my retirement goals?
  • How can I protect my retirement savings from market volatility?
  • Will I be able to live comfortably in retirement yet be able to leave an estate for my family?
  • Am I able to income split with my spouse in retirement so we can reduce our tax liabilities?

If you have questions about your planning, the advisors at Three60 Wealth can help. Our team of Calgary-based wealth and estate planners can integrate its vast experience and network to create a customized plan for you, your family and your business.

For a truly different financial planning experience, contact our office online or at 403-640-4414 to schedule an introduction meeting.

Authored by: Jason Nagel, Director of Advanced Planning at Three60 Wealth