Charitable Giving & Philanthropy

Legacies are made in many ways – whether it’s the values you instill in your family, the mark you make on your business or how you impact others.  Some families strive to leave a charitable legacy in the form of a donation to a cause that has personal significance either during the donors’ lifetimes or through their estate.  

At Three60 Wealth & Estate Solutions we work with families to identify causes that are most important to them.  If philanthropy is a core value of a family, we identify ways in which the family is able to make a meaningful impact and make the best use of their resources.

Managing your family’s wealth is an exercise in stewardship; with the right planning, you can ensure your philanthropic efforts make an enormous difference and create a lasting impact.  

Case Study

After working with a family for several years, we successfully helped them sell their business.  As a result of this sale, they had more capital than they needed to fund their retirement and they were going to have surplus funds in their estate.  Charitable giving was an important core value of this family and they wanted to continue this through their estate planning.

We identified several causes that were important to this family and facilitated introduction meetings to charities that worked in these areas.  We interviewed representatives from each of these organizations to determine each charity’s core values, needs, and how each charity would use a gift from this family.  

After determining what charities would be the ultimate beneficiaries, we arranged for tours of the charities to see in person what impact would be made.  We obtained suggested language from each charity for the clients’ wills to ensure the planned bequest would be successful.

Working through an estate lawyer, we amended their wills to include these gifts.