About us

At Three60 Wealth & Estate Solutions, we pride ourselves on our approach to wealth and estate planning: one which has proven to be very successful with business families. We maintain the highest levels of integrity, respect and privacy to help our clients' families build upon their success and secure their financially-geared goals well into the future. 


Jason Nagel, CFP, CLU, TEP

Director of Advanced Planning


Jason started in the Financial Services Industry in 2001 and quickly became frustrated with the industry model of putting products before advice.  Feeling the industry was flawed, Jason set out to create a company that was different and founded Three60 Wealth & Estate Solutions in 2011.  Since its launch, Jason has been committed to keeping Three60 Wealth & Estate Solutions ahead of the industry curve,  always looking for new, innovative ways to serve the business families they work with. 

Having unwavering levels of integrity, Jason is focused and driven to make a difference in the industry, and in the lives of the clients Three60 serves.   

Jason enjoys spending time on his many personal activities, and being active with his wife and their two children.


Wayne De Boer, BA, CFP

Wealth and Estate Planner


Since 2007, Wayne has helped families achieve their wealth and estate planning goals.  Wayne understands the importance of dotting your i's, crossing your t’s, and having a financial plan in place that grows with your family and business over time.  

Wayne’s financial industry experience has shown him the importance of rolling up his sleeves to work alongside his clients to ensure they accomplish their goals – not  just standing on the sidelines telling them what needs to be done.   

That’s why Wayne joined Three60 in 2016 – to provide help in the way it is  actually needed.  Each day, Wayne takes great pride in working with business families to help them determine what their legacy will be and  actively helping them achieve their unique version of success. 

Outside of the office, Wayne most enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons as well as golfing.


Barbie D. Weppler

Administrative Assistant

With over 20 years of administrative, research, human resources and general office management experience, Barbie has committed herself to deliver executive client service and customer care. Barbie is mindful that with the best customer support, she can contribute to ensuring businesses and families achieve their visions, dreams and goals. 

She is a Mindfulness Meditation I, II, III and Master level facilitator with a decade long journey with Mediation.  She loves spending time in the Rocky Mountains and  doing creative and outdoor activities with her family. Barbie believes that gratitude is the key to happiness and kindness is attested magic. Barbie really loves Coffee.