Creating  a financial plan can be daunting – especially considering all your time  constraints.  For this reason, we created a unique planning process  that is customized to the needs of business families.  Our process is  made up of three comprehensive phases, as follows:

Phase 1. Evaluation

We  begin with a meeting to introduce you to our full range of services,  and to explain the difference between our integrated, proactive approach  and the traditional advisory approach. We will also use this meeting to  get an overview of your specific situation.

This enables both parties to explore the potential working partnership. Then, if there is a mutual fit, we move on to the Discovery phase.

Phase 2. Discovery

Here,  we thoroughly assess your current business and family positions,  ascertain your long-term financial goals, and discuss any external  events that may occur.

From this we create your Three60 Assessment: a written “snap-shot” of your current financial situation, which  outlines potential planning opportunities, identifies planning blind  spots, and provides solutions to achieve your goals.

Phase 3. Implementation

To empower you to reach your financial goals, it is imperative that you start in the right direction with flexible plans that can be easily altered to suit your ever-changing circumstances.

The  final step of the planning process is to sit down together to review your Three60 Assessment, and then determine which of our two  levels of service is best suited to your unique situation and individual needs:

Project Planning

Project Planning

Project Planning


This  service is ideal for those who have a specific short-term project they  would like to undertake and are not sure of the best place to start.  They find value in having a specialist to quarterback the planning associated with the project. Efficient implementation will lead to  reduced costs, time and energy spent and will ensure all facets of your plan have been considered.

Active Planning

Project Planning

Project Planning


This  top-tiered approach is appropriate for those who have a planning  situation that is in a state of change, such as with exit strategy planning or other transitions that may be happening within their  business. They see value in being pro-active and prefer a hands-on approach with a specialist to accomplish their planning objectives. They are looking for someone who can simplify the big picture, understand  the complex issues and ensure that everything is in sync on an on-going  basis.