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"Extremely Valuable Partner for our Small Business"

“Three60 Wealth and Estate Solutions has been an extremely valuable partner for our small business. Jason offers an invaluable overview of the business and allows us to more carefully consider the intricate interactions that exist within the business.”

Family-owned Small Business

“Knowledgeable, Professional, and Ethical”

“I really had no idea what Wealth Management meant, and how it could help me. Within a short period of time Jason succinctly broadened my perspective and I quickly saw tremendous value in his services.”

Mike R.

“A Valuable Resource to Our Company”

“Three60 was always there ... to answer any of the many questions we had.

We consider Three60 Wealth & Estate Solutions a valuable resource to our company.”

James H.

“Identified Planning Opportunities”

“Three60 Wealth & Estate Solutions Inc. took the time to thoroughly understand our personal and business goals and objectives before creating an action plan for us.”

A Family-run Contracting Business.

“Excellent Legal, Financial, Investment and Real Estate Connections”

Jason Nagel was able to help us find a suitable insurance coverage package tailored to our specific needs and wishes. He is capable to bring clarity to a very complex matter such as insurance, in a simple, clear and understandable manner.”

Edward A.