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Family Office

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Welcome to Three60’s Family Office

Empowering affluent families with clear direction, insightful perspective, and unwavering confidence

At Three60, we offer a holistic approach to managing your family’s wealth, ensuring financial security and growth across generations. Our Family Office is tailored to meet the unique needs of affluent families, providing integrated financial planning, investment management, and more.

Your Trusted Experts

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What is a Family Office?

The family office concept has a rich history dating back to the 6th century, with modern iterations like the Rockefeller family office established in 1882. Today, family offices are essential for managing the complexities of substantial wealth. They provide a centralized management structure that handles various aspects of a family’s financial affairs, from investments and estate planning to tax optimization and philanthropic endeavours.

This integrated approach ensures that a family’s financial interests are managed seamlessly and strategically, preserving wealth across generations.

What Types of Families Would Benefit from Three60’s Family Office?

Families who would benefit from Three60’s Family Office typically seek the following:

  • Independent and objective financial advice.
  • A proactive, holistic approach to their finances, integrating estate and tax planning, investment, business, and philanthropic goals.
  • Strategies successfully implemented for other families in similar situations.
  • A team of planners with diverse backgrounds and expertise.
  • A sounding board for ideas and decisions.
  • Access to a vetted network of other professional advisors.
  • Peace of mind knowing their team of planners has a finger on the pulse of their planning.
  • Independent investment management from top firms in Canada.
  • Communication and coordination with other professionals and advisors.

In our experience, families with a net worth of $8 – $10 million and up, looking for a proactive and holistic approach to their planning, would benefit from working with Three60’s Family Office.

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Three60’s Approach to Investment Management

Independent, Unbiased Investment Management

Three60’s Family Office provides independent investment management through a sub-advisory model, partnering with top investment management firms in Canada. We align clients with the firm that best fits their situation, maintaining our independence and transparency. Monitoring portfolio performance across multiple firms, we can recommend changes if needed. Our independence ensures our interests align with our clients, and we do not receive commissions or referral fees from sub-advi­sory firms. Both Three60 and the investment management firm charge a fee based on the assets managed.

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What Services are Included?

Comprehensive Suite of Family Office Services

Three60’s Family Office includes a wide range of specialized services designed to meet all your financial needs:

  • Investment Management: Tailored portfolio management through Canada’s top investment management firms with our independent, sub-advisory model.
  • Financial Planning: Long-term financial planning, including retirement, estate, and tax planning.
  • Tax Planning: Optimizing your wealth by minimizing the amount of tax you pay.
  • Estate Planning: Assistance with wills, trusts, and estate administration to ensure smooth wealth transfer to future generations.
  • Philanthropy: Guidance on charitable giving, establishing family foundations, and other philanthropic activities.
  • Risk Management: Insurance reviews and recommendations to protect family wealth.

Each service is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that your family’s financial affairs are managed efficiently and effectively.


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